A drawing by Tintin sold for a record price of 3.2 million euros

Paris (AFP) - A drawing by Hergé for the cover of Tintin's album "Le Lotus bleu" on Thursday broke the world auction record for comics, with 3.2 million euros including costs, a announced the Artcurial house.

"After a bidding battle between three phones, this highly coveted masterpiece finally flew to 3,175,400 euros," the auction house reported in a statement.The buyer is a "private collector.".

Sold by the Casterman family in Paris, this 1936 drawing, in India ink, gouache and watercolor, with a black background, was ultimately deemed too thin and complex for printing the comic book.a simpler drawing with a red background.

The history of this unique piece remains a mystery: according to the heirs, it was given by the Belgian designer, Georges Rémi (his real name), to the publisher Louis Casterman's son, Jean-Paul, aged seven, who 'folded in six and put away in a drawer.

Experts question the veracity of Jean-Paul Casterman's story, which is difficult to verify nowadays.

For several Tintin specialists, the fold marks on the sheet of paper are the work of the author himself, who would have slipped the drawing into an envelope to send it to the deputy director of the publishing house.would have remained since 1936, with many others, on deposit with Casterman.

The "Blue Lotus" is a major milestone in Tintin's saga, inspired by his meeting with a young Chinese graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, Tchang Tchong-Jen, who will remain his faithful friend.

- Wealthier buyers -

The boards appeared in 1934 and 1935 in the review "Petit-Vingtième", before the album's publication in 1936, and were immediately seen as a major work in the history of comics, proving at the time the seriousness of this new literary genre.Generation after generation, success has never wavered.

Posted Date: 2021-01-15

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